Dr. Lindsay Windsor


'Dr. Lindsay', as she has come to be known, started practicing in North-Central PA in 2013. In 2014, she began working for Dr. Ronnie Schenkein at the Coudersport Animal Health Center. After a little over a year, Dr. Lindsay purchased the hospital from Dr. Schenkein and changed the name to Potter County Veterinary Clinic. She continued to practice at the former location until she outgrew it and moved the business to downtown Coudersport. She bought and converted a former residence into a new clinic, which seemed HUGE at the time. As her client base grew, even the new clinic began to feel small. So she did what she always does, put her nose to the grindstone & bought the property next door. Dr. Lindsay's late father, Harvey, demolished the existing house there for us, and cleared the lot in 2020. Once the lot was cleared, Dr. Lindsay hired contractors to put a 60' by 100' addition on the east side of the existing clinic. Her staff can attest to that fact and are continuously amazed at what she can do when she sets her mind to it.

In her spare time, Dr. Lindsay loves working with cows, horseback riding, 4-wheeling, and just being outside. Dr. Lindsay has a lot of cows, 3 horses, 3 dogs, and many cats. She has 2 sons, Nathan and Samuel, and a daughter Katelyn. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with all pets, owners, and the wonderful people she works with.

Dr. Sarah


Dr. Sarah Plants has taken a page from Lindsay's playbook and affectionately come to be known as "Dr. Sarah". The Potter County Vet Clinic was blessed to be graced by Dr. Sarah's presence during her externship while she was still in vet school. During that short stint of time, in which she was supposed to be with us for a 3 week period, her time here was cut short as the world came to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. That's right, Sarah's internship started the second week in March, 2020. And even though she didn't get to stay for her whole externship, something clicked here, and she decided to come back to Coudersport and work once she graduated. Sarah grew up in Illinois, on a farm, where she came to love animals. Outside of work, she's quite adventurous and likes traveling, trying new foods, experiencing new places, spending time outdoors, and loving on her variety of animals that she has accumulated. She lives on a small farm with her dogs, cats, cows, pigs, goats and chickens. Sarah is kind and caring, and shows that love to each one of her furry patients.

Dr. Schimp


Bio coming soon!